Site Maintenance


Battery maintenance is an important part of maximizing the life of any VRLA battery.

The marketing term "Maintenance Free" has led to some major discrepancies between what customers assume and what the manufacturers actually intend. NPS is fully equipped to conduct full site inspections and preventative maintenance using today's most effective testing methods.

Our standard Site Maintenance visit includes:

  • Check, record and adjust if necessary the site's temperature.
  • Check, record and adjust if necessary the batteries' Float Voltage.
  • Midtronics reading of each battery.
  • Replace faulty batteries.
  • Check all cables and connections and repair or replace if necessary.
  • Clean corrosion of battery terminals if needed.
  • Full report to customer.

Maintenance schedules can be Annual, Semi-annual, or Quarterly.

Please contact us for pricing schedules and availability.