NPS is Canada’s leader in providing DC power to the Telecommunication industry.  Our channel partners include world class battery, rectifier and cabling manufacturers allowing us to assemble the most reliable systems on the market.  Telecommunications is our main specialty with systems ranging from 29Ah to 1200Ah at 48V in a single bay configuration.  

We carrie a wide selection of specialized batteries specifically designed for UPS applications.  We offer a full line of economical AGM technologies as well as Pure Lead chemistries for maximum performance and reliability.

Full cabinetry and cabling in standard and custom configurations is also available. Our fabrication abilities include:

  • Custom and standard 19" bays and trays.
  • Custom and standard 23" bays and trays.
  • Custom and standard bus bars.
  • Telecom and UPS racking systems.
  • Equipment cabinets.
  • Battery cabinets.
  • Equipment and batteries cabinets.

Our line of cabinets is fully customizable to meet the requirements to be used by our customers whether they are from the Telecommunications, Cable / Broadband or the Traffic / ITS industries.

We also carrie a line of Ni-Cd batteries designed speciffically for solar applications and a full line of hybrid power equipment that integrates solar / wind chargers, generator and mains rectifiers, managed by a smart, fully programmable controller.