By any standard, batteries are an environmental success story. Here at NPS, we are proud to be a part of an industry that is 99% (lead-acid) and 100%(VRLA) recyclable. When compared to other industries such as glass and paper which are only currently recycling at a rate of 50%, batteries are at the top of the list of the most highly recycled consumer product. The closed-loop life cycle of batteries allows for our industry to produce, recycle and re-use by reclaiming close to 100% of the materials used in its manufacturing.

Our customers are encouraged to return any spent batteries to NPS where, by strict Federal and Provincial guidelines, we will provide proper disposal through our recycling program. Ownership and ongoing liability of all spent batteries are legally transferred upon receipt, and spent batteries are then shipped and recycled in compliance with government regulations. We are dedicated to implementing industry standards, as well as providing solutions to our customers on an ongoing basis which reflect our commitment to the environment.

Trees Canada Program


We are excited to announce the start of Network Power Solutions' tree planting program.

In partnership with Trees Canada, Network Power Solutions will plant a tree for every unit of VRLA batteries purchased.

It is our goal to provide a local and tangible response to offset the environmental impact of manufacturing and transportation. It is just one other way t
hat Network Power Solutions is providing leadership and environmental responsibility.